Welcome to Polaris’s documentation!

Polaris is an open source (LGPLv3) project that analyzes satellite telemetry using machine learning. It is a project of the Libre Space Foundation.

Want to get started quickly? Have a look at Getting started with Polaris.

Polaris has a number of different commands:

  • polaris fetch will download and normalize satellite telemetry from the SatNOGS network (or you can import your own).

  • polaris learn will analyze the telemetry, produce a model of the connections between telemetry components, and save a dependency graph for visualization.

  • polaris viz is an interactive, browser-based 3D visualization of that dependency graph.

  • polaris convert will convert graph output from polaris learn to another file format (like .gexf).

  • polaris behave will detect anomalies in telemetry data and produce a json report of all the data and anomaly produced.

  • polaris report will show the results obtained by polaris behave in web-based interactive formats like anomaly visualisation, individual telemetry comparison etc.

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